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Thanks Bill!!!!

If you’ll notice, there is a new thingy on the right side of my blog.  It’s called Shelfari, and it’s pretty cool (though admittedly, I don’t know much about it), but there you can find what books I’ve read, what I’m reading and other fun things.  Anyway, my BIL had to put it on the blog because I had NO idea how to do it.  So, Thanks Bill!  You are awesome (but you already knew that, didn’t you?)


There’s nothing cuter

…….than sleeping cows.

I have to post one more thing.

I just had to say, Who is proud of me for figuring out how to put pictures in a post?  Yay me!  That’s right, I rock.

Because I’m bitter

Kind of anyway.  People who use their children as an excuse piss me off.  The same with people who live life only for their children.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think kids are important, but I also think that you can have a little bit of a life outside of being mommy (or daddy).  In fact, I have plenty of friends who are able to do just that.  So, that’s my little rant for today.  And just because I can, I’m going to put pictures of MY children up.  

I heart the Olympics

Yeah….pretty much spent the last almost two weeks watching various parts of the Olympics.  Funny thing is, I don’t like to watch sports usually.  Just every two years or so.  I do have one thing I have to say……what is up with rhythmic gymnastics?  I don’t get it.


A word that inspires dread into almost every nurse. Floating is when you don’t have enough patients on your home unit to justify all of the scheduled nurses.  So, if there are other units in the hospital that are busy and in need of help, you get sent to help them.  I have hated floating since day one of nursing.  There is a reason I work in the unit that I work on.  But alas, it happened again last night.  I ended up sitting one to one with a restless patient on the med/surg floor.  Now, I can’t decide which I hate more, having an assignment of patients to tend to, or sitting one to one. Sitting one to one on a night shift is sure challenging.  While someone sleeps (maybe), you have to try to stay awake and make sure they keep sleeping.  My little old lady (hereby LOL), was of course restless.  She slept for maybe an hour.  It was up and down, to the toilet, to the chair, here and there all night long.  It was a very long night.  Luckily, she was a pleasant lady and not combative.  

     One of my pet peeves is that the medical floors always seem to freak out when they have more than one admission.  Yeah, admissions suck, but nobody comes to do my admissions when I have 3 labor patients come in.  I just get them done, one at a time.  And yes, I know that working on the medical floor is tough,  but working in OB is not all fluffy bunnies.  You’d be surprised at all we have to do.  But, that’s a post for a different day.  For now, I survived last night with a little help from my friends at NBC and the 29th Olympiad, and a little Sudoku.  What more could a girl ask for?

How work goes……sometimes

Ever feel like the weather most certainly does not fit your mood?  Yeah….I am not so shiny happy right now.  I feel like I have a thunder cloud over my head..  So…..just got done with one very long weekend filled with a revolving door of pretermers, a couple of labors, a c-section and a sick baby. Oh yeah….and the need to justify staffing.   The sick baby was the worst. Is it too much to ask that I have an oximeter that’s at least from the last 15 years?  Because frankly, if my baby is looking like the character Violet from Willy Wonka, I would like to know if his sats are really 79%.  And also, if you are the dr. for said patient, would you please not patronize the nurses’ judgment and tell us that the sat monitor is just making us crazy (true, but still) and to take him off of it and take him off the 02 as well.  If you would believe what we say, we wouldn’t have to call you 3 times in the next 1 1/2 hours.  And also, that would save the shift change pediatrician, respiratory therapist, echo, IV and antibiotics.  I worry about this baby, and pray that he is okay. 
     Also, if you are 36 weeks and think your water broke on Friday, could you please just suck it up and come in on Friday NOT Sunday night?  Pretty please?  Especially if you are GBS positive.  Because frankly, we have our hands full with the one sick baby.  We would really rather not have another (this particular baby was fine).
     On the plus side, there were plenty of laughs this weekend and good people were working, which always makes the time better.  And I most definitely did NOT have to float (yay!). So it wasn’t all bad.  On a side note, I found out this weekend that my brain decides only to process the important things when I am tired.  For instance, I can function at work.  However, I don’t remember much of my driving to and from work or my time at home (I know I showered, but I barely remember it).  I would think driving would be important, but apparently my brain thinks not.  Who would of guessed?