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Sunrise, Sunset

In honor of Halloween and my continuous nausea, I chose the above picture.  Awesome, isn’t it?  Anyway, yes, from morning until night my stomach churns.  I dry heave a couple of times a day.  Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I had a surgery about 10 years ago on my stomach to stop severe reflux.  Now I can’t vomit.  But boy can I dry heave.  I wake up and count the hours until I can go back to sleep.  While I am thrilled to be pregnant, and feel blessed, I really can’t wait until the 2nd trimester.


Stupidity Is Alive and Well

This Makes Me Smile Every Time


I appreciate all of the comments left on the last post. Sometimes I feel guilty about talking about the pregnancy. It’s so wonderful to hear all of your encouragement. I so appreciate it!

My Sister Says…

My sister says that I talk about my pregnancy too much on this blog. That’s probably true. It used to bother me when all people could talk about was their pregnancy. While I know that I am now doing the same thing, it still irks me when other people do it. Mainly people who are able to get pregnant at the drop of a hat. One of those weird quirks I guess. Anyway, to those who may not enjoy my posting about pregnancy so much, I’m sorry. I totally understand. Feel free to walk away. And personally, I hope that I quit soon too. Because I’m starting to annoy myself. Hope you all have a great weekend!

A Question of Fairness

I was perusing a blog the other night of a MD who is married to a RN. He brought up an interesting point that I had never thought of, but makes total sense. Many hospitals try to cut costs by using the least number of nurses possible to take care of patients. My particular hospital is notorious for “bare bones” staffing. They decide how many nurses are needed based on some arbitrary “grid”. In some institutions they take into acuity of the patient (as it should be, I think). Not in my hospital though. So, if you have too many nurses and not enough patients you either A) get called off or B) get floated to take care of patients in a different unit. How back asswards is this? In what other profession would it be tolerated to be called off if you are not needed? This means at the very least you may be asked to take call for $5 an hour, or losing a day’s pay. In my current place of employment, the latest has been that if you refuse to take call and have to sit by your phone all day, they will send you to a different unit. Another bad idea. If our surgeons have a slow clinic day do we ask them to become a family physician for the day? If a 4th grade teacher’s students are sick, would we ask them to go teach kindergarten for the day? I think not. And yet nurses take it. Why do we take it? I admit, there are times when I love getting a call at 5 (am or pm, doesn’t matter), telling me to stay home. But really, it shouldn’t happen. Anyone have any thoughts?

What I Am Not a Fan Of….

Pregnancy already has a hold on my appetite. Here is one thing that is not on my shopping list these days

Here is what I can’t live without……

Go figure.