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Look Who’s 30!

Happy Birthday Bill!



Kate started walking almost 2 weeks ago. Can’t believe that she’s that old already.

Perhaps You Have Noticed

….that I’ve haven’t been talking about work all that much. Well, that’s because work is well…..WORK. It’s not all that fun right now. Oh sure, I love taking care of my laboring patients, but that’s getting to be few and far between. There have been lay offs. I’m lucky (???) to have kept my job, but that’s purely because they have us so short staffed right now that they COULDN’T cut anyone in OB. Because they cut quite a few med/surg staff, I will most likely be playing med/surg nurse a lot in the near future. And a med/surg nurse I am most certainly NOT. It’s not fun to go to work every night knowing that I am putting my nursing license on the line. So….I concentrate on my wee,ever growing baby girl. She’s what makes me happy these days…….

Some New Pictures

My brother in law, Jesse, is extremely talented with the camera. He took the babies out last week and took some pictures outside. Looks like Kate is going to be a hotel camper like her mother. But the babies are sooooo cute! Thanks Jesse!

Happy Birthday Grandma!

I’m sure your first birthday in heaven is better than we could ever imagine. I miss you!