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That is the number of candles on my cake today.  Hmmm……I don’t know if I believe it.


I Was Mistaken

So, according to a commentor here, a poop transplant is a real thing.  Didn’t know that.  I guess you learn something new every day.  Still.  Ewww…..


Are there any Grey’s Anatomy fans out there?  Because I usually love the show, but last week’s episode was a bit much, even for me.  First off, Izzy’s talking to Dead Denny?  She’s going a little off the deep end. The interns decide to practice on themselves, starting off innocently enough with IV’s, moving to suturing and then they put an epidural into one of their own.  But then they decide to do an appendectomy and of course things go to hell in a hand basket quick.  How do they only end up with probation?  And last but certainly not least (and probably the grossest thing ever!), is the C. Diff lady.  Last I checked C. Diff was treated with antibiotics, not a POOP TRANSPLANT.  Eww. If you didn’t see the show, a wife took antibiotics that killed the natural flora of her gut, and so it is decided that to treat her, she needed to get her husband’s poo via NG tube.  Oh, my God.  I personally think if it were me, and that were my option, I’d say “No thanks, uhh, I’ll just die or whatever happens when C. Diff is out of control.  Thanks”.  But that’s just me.


When I started my job 6 months ago, one of the perks was that I only have to work every 3rd weekend.  And it is nice.  But you know what?   Every 3rd weekend still comes around too fast.

1st Ob Appt.

Had my first OB appt. today. All is well.  Actually heard the heartbeat today.  It was very faint, but there.  It was a very pleasant surprise.  I wasn’t expecting to hear the heartbeat because of all the belly fat I have.  Otherwise everything is status quo.


Is it strange for me to say the this pregnancy doesn’t seem real to me yet?  I mean, I have talked about it numerous times here.  I have those 3 cute little widget/tickers on the side of the blog.  I have continuous morning sickness.  I’m so tired it hurts to move.  And yet, it still doesn’t seem real.  Perhaps because of the symptoms that I do have.  It’s pretty much like a very long case of the stomach flu.  Nothing uniquely baby about it.  I’m no where near feeling the baby move, or having a baby bump.  It is very surreal.  To think I have this being inside me that is growing.  It’s a little freaky.  I’ve been very emotional lately.  And I came to realize that I thought that this would never happen. I thought I was going to be childless.  I thought God had given up on me and my husband, and we would be barren.  And I was beginning to accept that.  And now it hurts to think about that.  So.  Though I can’t decide whether I’m hungry or sick, whether to go to the bathroom or get a little more sleep, I am so very blessed.

Because My Sister Did It, and She’s My Hero