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This Cat


This cat (Zak) has apparently made it his mission to see me through the rest of my pregnancy unscathed.  If I shut the bedroom door to sleep, he cries out side of it.  When I let him in, he cuddles up right next to my belly and purrs.  Awwww……he’s such a good daddy.




I had an ultrasound this morning which revealed a nice heartbeat at 160 beats per minute!  Yay!  And got a prescription for an antinausea med.  Cross your fingers it works!

Sunrise, Sunset

In honor of Halloween and my continuous nausea, I chose the above picture.  Awesome, isn’t it?  Anyway, yes, from morning until night my stomach churns.  I dry heave a couple of times a day.  Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I had a surgery about 10 years ago on my stomach to stop severe reflux.  Now I can’t vomit.  But boy can I dry heave.  I wake up and count the hours until I can go back to sleep.  While I am thrilled to be pregnant, and feel blessed, I really can’t wait until the 2nd trimester.


I appreciate all of the comments left on the last post. Sometimes I feel guilty about talking about the pregnancy. It’s so wonderful to hear all of your encouragement. I so appreciate it!

My Sister Says…

My sister says that I talk about my pregnancy too much on this blog. That’s probably true. It used to bother me when all people could talk about was their pregnancy. While I know that I am now doing the same thing, it still irks me when other people do it. Mainly people who are able to get pregnant at the drop of a hat. One of those weird quirks I guess. Anyway, to those who may not enjoy my posting about pregnancy so much, I’m sorry. I totally understand. Feel free to walk away. And personally, I hope that I quit soon too. Because I’m starting to annoy myself. Hope you all have a great weekend!

What I Am Not a Fan Of….

Pregnancy already has a hold on my appetite. Here is one thing that is not on my shopping list these days

Here is what I can’t live without……

Go figure.