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Happy Birthday Dad!




Happy Birthday Bill!

normal_dscf6053 Happy Birthday Bill, soon to be known as the World’s Greatest Uncle!

In Common

What do blueberry pancakes, gummi bears and fruity alcoholic beverages have in common?  They’re what I’ve been craving the last couple of days.  Weird.

31 Weeks, Ultrasound

Had an ultrasound yesterday to check for growth and fluid levels.  Looks the the child is measuring a wee bit big.  Not too big I don’t think.  I didn’t get actual numbers.  The only “issue” right now is that s/he is breech.  Which is actually not really an issue.  I don’t really care if I end up with a c-section.  I’d just rather it be sooner than later.  What I mean is that I’d rather not labor for days and then end up with a c-section.  I always feel bad when I take care of those people.  They look so incredibly worn out.  Funny thing.  I went to this u/s by myself.  The tech asked me if we knew what we were having.  I told him we didn’t.  But then asked if he could tell me.  The guy got all moral on me and told me that my husband should be there if I was going to find out what the gender was!  I mean, he’s right, but it’s not really his business.

FYI….yesterday I mistakenly wrote the the MN Nurses Association was the one who wanted to increase the scope of practice.  I meant the MN Board of Nursing.  It has been corrected.

What the Heck Minnesota?

So, I’m beginning to wonder what is the matter with this state.  First of all, I found out last week that the Minnesota Board of Nursing wants to increase the scope of practice of LPN’s to include supervision and assessment.  Let me say, that I have NOTHING against LPN’s.  But, there is a reason there is a difference in the scope of practice.  RN’s have worked hard to get where they are now.  Then, I hear from my sisters (who are teachers) that apparently now if you have a 4 year degree, ANY 4 year degree, you can teach in this state.  Meaning I could go and be a teacher right now.  Ummmm……bad idea.  Lastly, I’m driving in my car today and I hear a commercial from the MN Dental Association.  Apparently MN wants to make it legal for unlicensed dental people to perform dental procedures, WITHOUT SUPERVISION, in dental schools.  There wouldn’t have to be a licensed dentist in the building.  Which makes me ask the question, What the heck Minnesota?                             

Oh Sure, NOW They Introduce This

banner_midnighttruffle2Because this pregnancy has been one cosmic joke after another, Dairy Queen has now decided to launch this luscious looking blizzard.  Did someone tell them I’m diabetic?  Do you think they could make a sugar free version?

Like This is What We Need More Of…..

Another Duggar On the Way!

Originally posted Monday April 13, 2009 08:10 AM EDT

Joshua and Anna Duggar Photo by: Mike Pruitte / Courtesy TLC
Another Duggar On the Way!

Looks like there’s not going to be a shortage of Duggars anytime soon.

Joshua, 21 – the oldest of 18 kids born to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of Tontitown, Ark. – and his wife, Anna, 20, are expecting a baby of their own.

“I am very excited and am learning new ways every day that I can be there for my wife,” Joshua tells PEOPLE. “I thought that she would be the only one going through the emotions of pregnancy, but I’m right there with her.”

So “right there” that it was actually Joshua who gave Anna the big news.

‘So Thrilled’

“I took the pregnancy test, but I couldn’t bear to look at it because I didn’t want to be disappointed,” Anna explains. Joshua managed to keep the positive test a secret and announced it to the whole Duggar family, including Anna, later that night. “I said, ‘You’re going to join the Mommy team,’ ” Joshua says.

The giant J-named Duggar crew (all 18 children have names beginning with that letter) is featured in this week’s issue of PEOPLE, sharing how they live debt-free and keep order amid the chaos of family life.

“We are so thrilled about this news,” Michelle says. “It is so fun to be around Josh and Anna. They are walking on clouds.” Jim Bob agrees: “We are really excited about being grandparents. We think it is really going to be easier than being parents.” The couple’s pregnancy will be featured on the TLC show about the clan, 18 Kids and Counting.

Advice from Mother-in-Law

Joshua and Anna live near the rest of the family and run their own car dealership in Springdale, Ark., and Anna says she is taking advantage of her mother-in-law’s experience in the pregnancy department: “She told me to eat small meals frequently during the day to get through the morning sickness,” she says. “And she gave me apricot juice that I’ve been sipping. It really helps a lot.”

Joshua and Anna, who married in September 2008, are getting ready for the baby, due in October, by reading through pregnancy materials from Dr. Amy Sarver (the same ob-gyn who delivered the last three Duggar babies) and contemplating baby names.

Names beginning with the letter J?

“Discussions are underway,” Joshua says. “We are planning on a name theme, but we are not sure what it will be.”

“If they have a boy, they’re welcome to name him Jim Bob,” says Jim Bob, laughing. The couple’s happy news was first reported on Monday’s Today show.