Now with Double the Trouble!

31 Weeks, Ultrasound

Had an ultrasound yesterday to check for growth and fluid levels.  Looks the the child is measuring a wee bit big.  Not too big I don’t think.  I didn’t get actual numbers.  The only “issue” right now is that s/he is breech.  Which is actually not really an issue.  I don’t really care if I end up with a c-section.  I’d just rather it be sooner than later.  What I mean is that I’d rather not labor for days and then end up with a c-section.  I always feel bad when I take care of those people.  They look so incredibly worn out.  Funny thing.  I went to this u/s by myself.  The tech asked me if we knew what we were having.  I told him we didn’t.  But then asked if he could tell me.  The guy got all moral on me and told me that my husband should be there if I was going to find out what the gender was!  I mean, he’s right, but it’s not really his business.

FYI….yesterday I mistakenly wrote the the MN Nurses Association was the one who wanted to increase the scope of practice.  I meant the MN Board of Nursing.  It has been corrected.


Comments on: "31 Weeks, Ultrasound" (2)

  1. Nurse Lochia said:

    I agree with you. I always feel horrible for those mamas who labor and push forever and then end up with a c/s.

  2. That is so not his business! I mean, of all the moral issues, that’s not one worth his getting involved in – it’s not like you were trying to terminate a pregnancy without your husband knowing or something! I think that would have seriously pissed me off!

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