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What the Heck Minnesota?

So, I’m beginning to wonder what is the matter with this state.  First of all, I found out last week that the Minnesota Board of Nursing wants to increase the scope of practice of LPN’s to include supervision and assessment.  Let me say, that I have NOTHING against LPN’s.  But, there is a reason there is a difference in the scope of practice.  RN’s have worked hard to get where they are now.  Then, I hear from my sisters (who are teachers) that apparently now if you have a 4 year degree, ANY 4 year degree, you can teach in this state.  Meaning I could go and be a teacher right now.  Ummmm……bad idea.  Lastly, I’m driving in my car today and I hear a commercial from the MN Dental Association.  Apparently MN wants to make it legal for unlicensed dental people to perform dental procedures, WITHOUT SUPERVISION, in dental schools.  There wouldn’t have to be a licensed dentist in the building.  Which makes me ask the question, What the heck Minnesota?                             


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  1. The teacher thing is a little more complicated than that… They’re working to pass legislature that would allow anyone with a bachelor’s degree and a 3.0 or higher to be able to teach. You’d have to go through 200 hours of instruction (5 weeks) and then have a mentor that would approve or deny your license.

    Still… It’s not like there aren’t enough certified teachers, RNs, etc. without work as it is!

    Oh well – guess we should just be thankful we’ve got jobs.

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