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Why I Am Going to Get High Blood Pressure

Okay, I really didn’t want to talk about crazy work stuff. But I have to. Or I am going to get high blood pressure. Or high(er) blood pressure. The latest. Well, let’s see. If my nurse manager (NM) had her way, all of the nurses in the hospital would work OB. Because, you know, OB isn’t a specialty or anything. So the other day, it is BUSY! Shock. Anyway, a doc sends a patient over to be augmented because her water had broken. Which really wasn’t, and was essentially an induction for a PITA patient that he didn’t want to deal with any more. Instead of telling this dr. that we didn’t have the staff to safely start the pitocin at that minute, what does she do? Oh, this is FABULOUS! She grabs a nurse from the MEDICAL FLOOR (who are smart BTW, but aren’t trained in OB). She then proceeds to tell this nurse how to hook up pitocin and titrate it. BUT. Instead of starting a mainline IV of LR, she tells the nurse to hook the pitocin directly in to the IV. Not even kidding you. So very many things wrong with this, it’s not even funny. Least of all is, if she had the time to tell the other nurse what to do, why didn’t she just do it herself? Oh… blood pressure. I can feel it rising……..


Much Stuff

So, haven’t been blogging much. A few reasons for that. I….like most “mommy” bloggers, I have become the person who only talks about her child, and puts endless pictures up of her. And while I think she is the sweetest thing since sugar….well, I realize that not everyone thinks that way. So, I’m trying to tone it down. Trying being the operative word here.

Work is work. It is really pissing me off (to put it mildly). And really, I’d rather just post the great stories that I have there, and not the daily crap that gives me high blood pressure. Hopefully we’ll get more of the fun stuff soon! In the meantime, 2 of my cousins have had babies in the last couple of weeks. Welcome to the world Madelyn Marais, and Drew Thomas!

Other random life crap. You know the usual. I’ve never been the best at handling stress, and there’s an abundance in my life right now. The least of which is that my grandma has been diagnosed with lung cancer. They gave her 2 years, but I am really hoping she doesn’t last that long. It’s in her bones, so she’s in a lot of pain. So, I’ve spent a lot of this Christmas teary eyed because I’m sure this will be her last, trying to make memories with the babies, and crying in the car in the meantime (or at the computer while I type). I love my family so much, and to see my mom and grandpa hurting so much (and my grandma), breaks my heart. And there’s really nothing I can do.

And to top it off, we’re moving. This will be a good thing. I have had postpartum depression coupled with anxiety. Living where I was living was not working for me. I felt severely isolated. Where we are moving now, is where most of my family lives, and it’s where I grew up. So, I feel like I can breathe. It’ll be nice once we’re actually settled, but we’re not. I just need to be settled somewhere. Anyway. that’s what’s been going on with me. Hope you all have been doing well. And have a Merry Christmas! You know, if I don’t get around to blogging until then!

Christmas Baby

How I Feel About Work These Days

And also, medical floor…..I could really care less about how many admits you are getting. Especially after our nurse was left alone with 6 patients, and you had 3 nurses for 6. So you each had to take an admit. Boo hoo.