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Just Unbelievable

And the reason that nurses are leaving the profession.


How I Feel About Work These Days

And also, medical floor…..I could really care less about how many admits you are getting. Especially after our nurse was left alone with 6 patients, and you had 3 nurses for 6. So you each had to take an admit. Boo hoo.


So even though I’m on maternity leave, I still hear about what’s going on at work. I think that most hospitals are going through some tough times lately….many people are postponing surgeries, births may be down. Belts are tightening everywhere. My hospital laid off people earlier this year, and cut hours as much as they could. This has been tough, as I think their staffing is scary on a good day. Well, last week I heard the latest is that they are staffing one OB nurse in house on the weekends. And to top it off, if there are no patients on OB, that nurse has to take patients on the medical floor. I realize that I am not the one looking at the money aspect, but how in the world is this even thought of as a safe idea? Yes, most of the time things are fine. But…….women do come in and precip, women do come in abrupting……and the OB nurse could be on the medical floor knee deep in poo. Ugh. Not to mention the lovely surveys that get sent out to the patients. They inevitably come back with stuff like, ” it took my nurse 5 minutes to answer my call light”. and “I didn’t see my nurse for hours….”. Then you get reprimanded because of that. I absolutely LOVE OB nursing. But I think my time (at least at this hospital) is coming to an end. And that makes me very sad.


A word that inspires dread into almost every nurse. Floating is when you don’t have enough patients on your home unit to justify all of the scheduled nurses.  So, if there are other units in the hospital that are busy and in need of help, you get sent to help them.  I have hated floating since day one of nursing.  There is a reason I work in the unit that I work on.  But alas, it happened again last night.  I ended up sitting one to one with a restless patient on the med/surg floor.  Now, I can’t decide which I hate more, having an assignment of patients to tend to, or sitting one to one. Sitting one to one on a night shift is sure challenging.  While someone sleeps (maybe), you have to try to stay awake and make sure they keep sleeping.  My little old lady (hereby LOL), was of course restless.  She slept for maybe an hour.  It was up and down, to the toilet, to the chair, here and there all night long.  It was a very long night.  Luckily, she was a pleasant lady and not combative.  

     One of my pet peeves is that the medical floors always seem to freak out when they have more than one admission.  Yeah, admissions suck, but nobody comes to do my admissions when I have 3 labor patients come in.  I just get them done, one at a time.  And yes, I know that working on the medical floor is tough,  but working in OB is not all fluffy bunnies.  You’d be surprised at all we have to do.  But, that’s a post for a different day.  For now, I survived last night with a little help from my friends at NBC and the 29th Olympiad, and a little Sudoku.  What more could a girl ask for?