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So even though I’m on maternity leave, I still hear about what’s going on at work. I think that most hospitals are going through some tough times lately….many people are postponing surgeries, births may be down. Belts are tightening everywhere. My hospital laid off people earlier this year, and cut hours as much as they could. This has been tough, as I think their staffing is scary on a good day. Well, last week I heard the latest is that they are staffing one OB nurse in house on the weekends. And to top it off, if there are no patients on OB, that nurse has to take patients on the medical floor. I realize that I am not the one looking at the money aspect, but how in the world is this even thought of as a safe idea? Yes, most of the time things are fine. But…….women do come in and precip, women do come in abrupting……and the OB nurse could be on the medical floor knee deep in poo. Ugh. Not to mention the lovely surveys that get sent out to the patients. They inevitably come back with stuff like, ” it took my nurse 5 minutes to answer my call light”. and “I didn’t see my nurse for hours….”. Then you get reprimanded because of that. I absolutely LOVE OB nursing. But I think my time (at least at this hospital) is coming to an end. And that makes me very sad.


To My Patients


When deciding which drugs to take during pregnancy and which to stop, I think the medical community would all agree: keep taking your antidepressant.  But feel free to ditch the meth and marijuana.


For those of you who pondered the question earlier, it was indeed daylight savings.  But a weird occurrence indeed!  It was a rather sad story too.  *Sigh*


Apparently my timing is off these days.  I had a labor patient the other night who went really fast and I had her start pushing.  She pushed a couple of times and the head descended, but didn’t crown so I told her to wait so I could get the doc from the on-call room down the hall.  Well, she stopped pushing but the head came out anyway.  So, I ended up delivering a baby!  Wasn’t my first delivery, but sheesh!  To deliver a baby when the doc is just down the hall is just plain embarrassing!  Whoops!

A Question of Fairness

I was perusing a blog the other night of a MD who is married to a RN. He brought up an interesting point that I had never thought of, but makes total sense. Many hospitals try to cut costs by using the least number of nurses possible to take care of patients. My particular hospital is notorious for “bare bones” staffing. They decide how many nurses are needed based on some arbitrary “grid”. In some institutions they take into acuity of the patient (as it should be, I think). Not in my hospital though. So, if you have too many nurses and not enough patients you either A) get called off or B) get floated to take care of patients in a different unit. How back asswards is this? In what other profession would it be tolerated to be called off if you are not needed? This means at the very least you may be asked to take call for $5 an hour, or losing a day’s pay. In my current place of employment, the latest has been that if you refuse to take call and have to sit by your phone all day, they will send you to a different unit. Another bad idea. If our surgeons have a slow clinic day do we ask them to become a family physician for the day? If a 4th grade teacher’s students are sick, would we ask them to go teach kindergarten for the day? I think not. And yet nurses take it. Why do we take it? I admit, there are times when I love getting a call at 5 (am or pm, doesn’t matter), telling me to stay home. But really, it shouldn’t happen. Anyone have any thoughts?

2 small babies, a decel and a surprise breech

Ugh. It was a long and weird weekend. It started Friday night with two tiny babies. One was born to a 36 week gestation mother who had PIH that developed into HELLP. She went for an emergent section and had a 4# 7oz baby. And then there was the mother who was 38 1/2 weeks who had a 3# 15 oz baby. Surprising to say the least. So they both kept us busy (as well as some other people on the floor), but we had to take frequent vitals, feedings, all that stuff on both Mom and baby. Then on Sat. night I had a patient who was actually an induction with a cervical ripening agent. She ended up kicking in to labor, and got an intrathecal at 3 AM. The baby’s heart tones tanked for about 8 minutes. And her BP didn’t drop, although I gave her meds anyway. The baby arrived safe and sound after that scary episode. And then Sunday night we had ANOTHER induction with a cervical ripener and she kicked in lickity split. By 1 am she was complete and at that time it was discovered she was breech. So, off to the OR she went. Meanwhile we still have the itty bitty babies, semi sick moms and a couple who were normal. It was hard to keep track of everyone. Last night wasn’t much better. Babies were still there. Another delivery yesterday. Two surgicals coming today. It was just busy. So, I am really glad that I have tonite off. Because my patience wears thin after 4 12’s.

Back at Work

Well, after an exciting week off, I’m back to work for the next week. TGIF to the rest of you!