Now with Double the Trouble!

My Sister Says…

My sister says that I talk about my pregnancy too much on this blog. That’s probably true. It used to bother me when all people could talk about was their pregnancy. While I know that I am now doing the same thing, it still irks me when other people do it. Mainly people who are able to get pregnant at the drop of a hat. One of those weird quirks I guess. Anyway, to those who may not enjoy my posting about pregnancy so much, I’m sorry. I totally understand. Feel free to walk away. And personally, I hope that I quit soon too. Because I’m starting to annoy myself. Hope you all have a great weekend!


Comments on: "My Sister Says…" (4)

  1. i can only speak for myself…but i am always happy when someone with IF gets pregnant. not only is it a great time for them, but it gives me hope that it just might happen for me, too….

    xoxo, a

  2. Funny sister. If you can’t talk about it here, where are you going to talk about it?

  3. You’ve wanted a baby since you yourself were one and you’ve been trying a long time to get there. For years, your life has revolved around CREATING baby and I think it’s only fair that 9 months of your life can revolve around GROWING a baby. (Heaven knows that after you give birth the rest of your life will revolve around RAISING that baby) So keep on baby blogging. As someone who “got pregnant at the drop of (4) hat(s), I give you permission to blog all you want! LOve ya!

  4. I love a success story, when someone makes it to the other side. Talk about it all you want 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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