Now with Double the Trouble!

I just had to say, Who is proud of me for figuring out how to put pictures in a post?  Yay me!  That’s right, I rock.


Comments on: "I have to post one more thing." (4)

  1. You do rock! Doesn’t it feel so damn good when you figure out software? I had that moment a few weeks ago with learning how to take a screen shot.

    And the cats are very cute.

  2. Welcome to blogging! Here via Lost and Found 🙂

  3. Welcome to the blogger world!! Congrats on figuring out how to post pictures. I think the whole setting up your blog is all about trial and error. I’m really enjoying your blog. I’ve worked in both the medical field and education – it’s fascinating to hear the nursing side of things. I hope your apt goes well on Sept 2. We have our follow up on Sept 5 and I know I’m counting down the days.

  4. Good work on the pictures.

    … I still hate your cats. 😉

    Love you, though.

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