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Oh yeah……..

Yeehaw! Grey’s is back tonite! And for 2 glorious hours!!!! You’ll know where to find me.


Can It Really Be That Easy?

So, I was just watching Private Practice (spinoff from Grey’s Anatomy, if you don’t know, you should watch it!) Anyway, the last episode of the season featured a newlywed couple of older age (like 35) who wanted a baby right away. So, the same day that they have their appt. they get results on their “fertility”. Apparently said husband has no sperm. So they look through sperm donors and come up with his brother, and plan insemination the next day. Then they decide against going with the brother because he’s a jerk. Addison comes up with the idea to try testicular biopsy of some sort and comes up with 1 sperm which is immediately united with the 1 egg that they had JUST REMOVED (in the same OR/procedure room I might add). And then, THEY IMPLANT THE NEWLY FERTILIZED EGG into her ON THE SAME DAY! It’s nice to see infertility portrayed in the media, but this was just ridiculous. I’m pretty sure that the same woman will end up pregnant and delivering in the next season. That’s my little spiel for today. Even so, I still like Private Practice.

I heart the Olympics

Yeah….pretty much spent the last almost two weeks watching various parts of the Olympics.  Funny thing is, I don’t like to watch sports usually.  Just every two years or so.  I do have one thing I have to say……what is up with rhythmic gymnastics?  I don’t get it.