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This Cat


This cat (Zak) has apparently made it his mission to see me through the rest of my pregnancy unscathed.  If I shut the bedroom door to sleep, he cries out side of it.  When I let him in, he cuddles up right next to my belly and purrs.  Awwww……he’s such a good daddy.


And Finally…….

Meet Sneakers! And boy, is she sneaky!  She’s the cat that Mike and I got together last summer after he went to the county fair and saw some cats from the local shelter. She is 3. There was actually another one there that he liked better, but when I went, I picked out Sneakers.  She’s Miss Independent.  She seems to like me, but she tolerates Mike and other guys. She is also very hyper.  But she’s my girl cat, and I love her.  So there you go.  My fur children.

Meet Toby

Meet Toby.  He’s the cat that I’ve had the longest.  He is 8 years old, but prefers to think of himself as a young pup (or kitten, as it were).  I got him when I moved to Rochester for my first nursing job after school.  My family was all far away, and I had one friend down there.  So, after I had been there for about 6 or so weeks and was kind of settled in, I mentioned to some people at work that I was going to go to the local shelter and find a cat.  One of my coworkers ears perked up, and said “You’re looking for a cat?  Meet me at the mall tomorrow at 11”.  So I did.  And came home with teeny tiny Toby.  He was about 6-8 weeks old.  And he had extra toes on all of his paws.  I got him in October, and because I am bad at naming pets, he became Toby.  He’s my big handsome cat.  He likes to crawl under the blankets and cuddle and oddly enough, when I take a bath, he likes to sit on the edge of the tub and drink the water (gross, I know).  So, that’s Toby.  Isn’t he cute?  Also, I think I am now officially addicted to blogging.

Because I’m bitter

Kind of anyway.  People who use their children as an excuse piss me off.  The same with people who live life only for their children.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think kids are important, but I also think that you can have a little bit of a life outside of being mommy (or daddy).  In fact, I have plenty of friends who are able to do just that.  So, that’s my little rant for today.  And just because I can, I’m going to put pictures of MY children up.