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That Darn Cat

Uh….so, the cat from the previous post. It showed up in another dream. No lie. Same cat. Just trotting around in my dreams. Weird.


When Worlds Collide…In Dreamland

So, I had this dream yesterday. In this dream I was the nurse for a patient who was going to have a baby soon. She had an intrathecal and wasn’t feeling any pain. In fact she was sleeping. So, I let her rest while I caught up on my charting. I let her sleep for about an hour and then went in to check on her progress. It turns out that she was completely dilated, but not only that, the head was on the perineum! So, for some inexplicable reason I let her push without calling the doctor. And wouldn’t you know it, I ended up delivering the baby. But here’s where things get a little weird. This “baby” was not a baby at all, but an adult cat. And everybody thought this was normal. We bathed the “baby”, swaddled him and gave him to his mama. And he was the cutest thing too. Umm, I don’t know what to make of this dream. Maybe too much work lately? Too little sleep? Too many cats ( no comments from my sisters on that one!). Or just a silly dream to brighten my day?