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Happy 4 Week Birthday!!!


Photo Shoot

Kate is lucky to have some very loving aunties. Lately she’s been hamming it up for the camera. Here’s a few photos from today’s photo shoot……Thanks Auntie April!!!!

PS…..when’s my cousin coming out?

More Cuteness

Head on over to Bill’s blog for some more cuteness!


Welcome Kate!

Well, much to my surprise, I went into labor on Wednesday at 36 weeks. I labored at home until Thursday night, then went in to the hospital. I wasn’t dilated any more than I had been in the clinic on Wednesday, but was contracting every couple of minutes. So, I labored throughout the night. At about 8 am I was 3 cm, but it was discovered that the baby was breech. So, I had a c-section. Kate Luise was born at 9:55 AM on Friday morning. She gave us a scare by not breathing for quite awhile and needing assistance. She was going to be air transferred to the closest NICU when she decided to quit being so stubborn and finally breathe. Fortunately, the pediatricians and NICU people decided to keep her here with me. Unfortunately, she ended up with an IV and 48 hours of antibiotics. But all is well, and we expect to go home tomorrow. Pictures to come in the next couple of days! Stats…….6 pounds even and 19 inches long.