Now with Double the Trouble!

For Auntie Erin

Luke Michael Thomas

Born July 10th (on his Auntie Erin’s birthday!) at 4:15 AM. 5 lbs 13 ounces,
17 inches long.


Today I am 24 weeks pregnant. Officially the baby is considered ” viable”. Meaning that he would have somewhere around a 50% chance of survival if he were born now. A good place to be. Not that I want him to come any time soon.
In other news, this baby is a wild one. He likes to punch. And Kate is still insistent that she is having a sister. Go figure. It’s going to be fun!

Baby Boy

It’s a boy! I kinda had a feeling 🙂

I Have a New Niece!

2010 Christmas Baby

I found out on my birthday that we are expecting #2!  Yesterday I saw one lovely heartbeat.  Due 8/5/11