Now with Double the Trouble!

Ah, My Sweet Pea

Almost a year and a half old.  How did that happen?  Somedays you drive me crazy!!!!!  But, oh how I love you!  What would I have done without you in my life?  Which brings the question…..are we going to have anymore?  Well, if it were up to me, the answer would be a resounding YES!  But life does not work out how you think it’s supposed to most of the time.  For instance, I thought we should have been blessed with Kate 3 years before we were.  But God had different plans.  And so we waited.  Impatiently most of the time.  We want more kids.  I’m going to be (gulp) 35 in just over a week.  So we’ve been doing this again. In fact for about 8 months or so. And no additional kids. So I guess God has different things in store for us……and so, I enjoy my true blessing from heaven!


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  1. My dear daughter,

    It’s hard enough now adays to be able to raise one child and afford them the opportunities that will come their way. Children are not cheap (although very much worth every single penny). They grow very fast so enjoy your precious gift and don’t worry about having more.

    Love you

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