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So I Got Offended

I was perusing blogs as I do on occasion.  And I happened upon a comment in one of them.  I don’t remember it exactly, but it referred to having a “normal” birth.  Who decides what is normal? I’m guessing this person meant a vaginal birth without drugs or induction.  But really, who decides what’s normal?  I was kind of offended.  So, women who opt for pain management during labor aren’t normal?  I’ve got news for you guys……just because you choose not to have medication in labor does NOT mean you get a better baby.  Nor do you get any award (except for said baby).  I mean, if you come to me as my patient and don’t want drugs, that’s fine.  I won’t force them on you.  I’m even open to intermittent monitoring, being up and around in labor, and *gasp*, I even think that women should be able to eat in labor.

And what about c-setions?  Those I suppose are the ultimate of “not normal”.  Or what about the woman who labors naturally but has a 1 hour labor.  That’s not normal.  Nor is someone who labors for 48 hours.  So you see, “normal” is a judgment.  And I just think we shouldn’t be judging each other for our birth choices.  Instead, we should support each other in our differences.  Because after all, that’s what makes us human.


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  1. Amen, girl! Perhaps my c-section births make me more sensitive to this, but I HATE, HATE, HATE it when people refer to a birth as “natural” or “normal” when it’s vaginal. My hackles also go up when people refer to a conception as “natural,” vs. what? Unnatural?

    So, kudos to you! I wholeheartedly agree that whatever way a healthy baby gets into this world is all the natural we need!

  2. Well said!!!!!

    I am so far from NORMAL….in so many parts of my life…ha 🙂

    I appreciate your words…as our boys’ were born C-section w/ so many drugs and so not how i wanted my birth story to be told, but…but…but…the ultimate is two healthy dudes that are thriving in this world as two wonderful humans!!! {and that is what it is all about in the end} I had friends question why i didn’t push for a vaginal birth…and that i have rights & could have put my foot down for this…well let me tell you when it is your first & only babies and they are 2 months early…TRUST is where I was at. I didn’t want drugs…not because I wanted to be a saint, but because I THROW up every time I have any sort of drug beyond ibuprofen…and guess what…I had to have drugs to stop my contractions & then more drugs to have a C-section and my boys’ came into the world while their mama was throwing up…SWEET…but I wouldn’t have made a different choice at that time…no way…the risk of not knowing why the early arrival definitely was worth the drugs & throwing up!

    Support & Positive Words are more productive then questioning peoples choices & sometimes lack of choices! Life is too short to CRITICIZE…that is my belief! Thanks for this POST!!!!

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