Now with Double the Trouble!

Kissing Cousins

IMG_1777Or at least, hand holding cousins. It’s been nice because my sister and I have been able to work out a system that we watch each other’s babies while the other one is working. So, I’ve been hanging out with Kate and Sawyer this week. Fun times. Well, not always I guess. Kudos you you mommies of multiples out there! It’s tiring. Plus, both babies have colds this week and are not at their happiest.
Last night my sister had a girl’s night. She did it last month, and now this month. It’s fun. Just a small group of girls (or women, I guess) getting together. Some are single, some are engaged, some are married and some are married with children. There are several teachers in the bunch, and two of us nurses (which is nice for me). We played games last night, and while I am not usually a game fan, it was fun. I’m glad that I have 2 fantastically fun sisters that like to do stuff like that. I am horribly introverted, and it takes me time to get out and do things, and my sisters often have to push me. Anyway. Since I’ve been at my sister’s, I’ve had access to a computer….which is why we have 3 blog days in a row! How fun!
For now, I better get back to the babies!


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