Now with Double the Trouble!

Gestational Diabetes


Well, I’m gestational diabetic.  Not surprising.  But very disappointing.  It would be nice to have one thing in this pregnancy be easy.  But apparently God is saying, “Ha ha….joke’s on you.  You’re going to be extra thankful for this child.”  Let’s just hope this road doesn’t end in insulin and a 10 pound baby.  Pretty please, with Splenda on top?


Comments on: "Gestational Diabetes" (4)

  1. Fingers crossed for you for no long term diabetes and a less-than-10lbs baby!

  2. isothegoldenegg said:

    Oh, how annoying! Hang in there. Hoping for no more than 8lbs for you.

  3. Sorry, that is a bummer. Hope everything is going along well!

  4. Dude I am not much into reading, but in some way I got to read lots of articles on your blog. Its amazing how interesting it is for me to visit regularly.

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