Now with Double the Trouble!

OB Triage

imagesSo here’s a picture of a lady being hooked up to what we call the tocodynamometer (toco for short).  that Piece of equipment measures contractions, how far apart they are, are they getting closer together.  That kid of stuff.  The monitor on the bottom is the External Fetal Monitor used to track the well being of the baby in relation to it’s contractions.  Most of the time all is well.  And we love that.  Well, what happened at work last week was that a girl (and I do mean girl) fell. So she came in the ER.  It is the policiy of our hospital to not have anything to do with anyone under 20 weeeks.  Cruel, I know, but necessary.  Well, this particular ER doc was adamant that she be monitored in our unit even though she was 14 weeks pregnant.  They had already confirmed doptones.  And that fancy machine is not sesitive enough to pick a 14 week gestatation.  But then he brought out the big guns, “Well, I guess I’d rather you tried, than refused”   Ass munch.  So I brought her back to land d where we we of course couldn’t hear heart tones except via doppler.  Luckily she was a calm person and it didn’t worry her that we couldn’t find heart tones.   So, back to ER she went, where he could have done a 10 minute ultrasound to rule out a bleed and be done with it ARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH  I hate when ER triages everything Ob to the OB floor.  “I’m sorry, you have a broken toe nail?  You’ll have to wait in L and D.  Seriously people.


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  1. I can totally sgree. It’s like once they have a pregnant belly, they cease to have any other medical problem. Or everyone is too afraid to treat them. I hate it when someone is having something like chest pain and they send them up to L&D when we don’t have the equipment to treat them there.

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