Now with Double the Trouble!



Nurses tend to be a superstitious bunch.  At least the ones that I’ve worked with.  And I am no exception.  We believe that the full moon brings craziness, even though studies have shown that it doesn’t (I don’t believe it).  L&D nurses know that a change in barometric pressure means more business.  We also believe that if you open the cabinet drawer that houses the prenatal records, you will get more business.  Which is why during busy times you will see nurses avoiding this cabinet like the plague.  And in slow times we are frantically digging through the drawer.  At my last job, there was a physician that I didn’t particularly like.  When she was on call, I stayed the heck away from the prenatal drawer.  Seemed to work most of the time ;).  Anyway, today brings us Friday the 13th.  The mother load of all superstitious days.  Craziness will abound!  And I work the weekend.  This could get interesting.  

     Oh!  And Happy 100th Post to me!


Comments on: "Spooky" (3)

  1. I totally agree that the full moon brings craziness! DH thinks I’m crazy when I say that.

  2. Yep, I agree too. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in working FOREVER in the health care field, it’s that full moons=mayhem.

  3. rf gunanegara said:

    well, it’s not happening in my country, indonesia. maybe it’s cultural or myth linked. we don’t have people who believe to be a werewolf or abducted by alien too.

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