Now with Double the Trouble!

All’s Well in Babytown


So, I had my ultrasound and consult with the perinatologist yesterday.  Everything is great!  I really didn’t expect there to be any hydrocephalus (the birth defect that I was born with), but I worried about other things.  But, the baby is fantastic.  And I fear that when he or she starts crawling, I may not get to sit down for the next 20 years!  The baby was moving all around and actually flipped when the dr. was looking at him/her.  As you can tell, we did not find out the gender of the baby.  We are choosing to be surprised.  It’s hard right now, because I feel wrong calling the baby “it”.  But that’s okay.  

     After we had our appt. I got together with my good friend (and former roommate) Jolene.  It’s always fun to catch up with her.  We also went to see our friend Heather, her husband Aaron and their new baby Elsa.  She is gorgeous!  Anyway, it’s a relief to know that the baby is healthy and hopefully I can try not to worry about anything else………at least for a little while!


Comments on: "All’s Well in Babytown" (2)

  1. Yeah for great news!!

    We’re debating whether or not to be surprised or not… I think its a fabulous idea, and so we’re leaning towards that too.


  2. Wonderful news. So happy for you!

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