Now with Double the Trouble!

Noah’s Ark


I feel a little bit as if I have been working on Noah’s Ark.  It seems as if all of the patients came in two by two this weekend.  And delivered two by two.  Had a nailbiting delivery last night.  Patient pushed and pushed, then started having severe cramps in her thighs.  We tried a heavy duty painkiller.  Then called for a 2nd intrathecal.   Unfortunately, there was an emergency bowel resection going on in the OR, so she had to wait until the nurse anesthetist was done with that case.  Luckily, once she got her intrathecal, her leg pain went away.  However, the baby just did not want to come out.  The MD put on a vacuum 4 times before the baby’s head finally came out.  What is scary about that, is that you wonder why the head isn’t coming out.  Maybe it’s not meant to.  I was nervous that we would get the head out, but the shoulders would get stuck.  Which is a life threatening (to the baby) complication.  Happily, once the head came out, the rest of the baby followed swiftly.  A beautiful baby girl, who has one hell of a headache today.  Unfortunately, the mother ended up with a 4th degree laceration (a tear into the anal sphincter).  So, besides having to deal with monster body muscle aches, her bottom is going to be extremely sore.  But in the end, she is happy to have her lovely daughter here, and safe in her arms.  And really, that’s all that matters.


Comments on: "Noah’s Ark" (3)

  1. I hate deliveries like that – when you’re just holding your breath that the shoulders are going to makes it through. I’m glad everything worked out ok. I work in L&D too, and we’ve had a flood of people the last few days as well.

  2. 4th degree laceration, huh? It hurts just thinking about it.

  3. ouch. Ouch. OUCH.

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