Now with Double the Trouble!



So, while my morning sickness has gotten way better, it is still hanging around.  I am grateful not being nauseated all day, every day.  However, I do puke on a pretty regular basis still.  The only thing is that now I have little warning.  Awesome.  What frustrates me the most however, is that there isn’t much food that appeals to me.  I love canned pears, mandarin oranges, and tropical fruit salad.  I’ve been diggin’ the bbq meatballs lately, and chicken noodle soup.  It’s just frustrating not knowing what I want to eat.  Argh.  This too shall pass.  It’s just a pain in the meantime.  I’m glad that I have a happy baby thus far.  I had an OB appt about a week and a half ago.  I was convinced that we wouldn’t hear the heartbeat.  But we did.  Guess I’m a little more paranoid than I thought.  It also turns out that I now have a heart murmur.  This is totally normal in pregnancy, however since it’s a new finding for me, I get to have an echocardiogram (aka ultrasound of the heart).  

Christmas was good.  It’s my favorite holiday.  I absolutely love getting together with all the family.  I was lucky in that I got put on call on Christmas Eve and didn’t get called into work.  Yippee!  We got our first big baby item…..a bassinet.  I love it!  I’d put it together, but I fear if I did the cats would think it’s theirs.  So, we’ll wait until I’m closer to my due date.  

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and enjoy a happy and safe new year!  Here’s to 2009!


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