Now with Double the Trouble!


Are there any Grey’s Anatomy fans out there?  Because I usually love the show, but last week’s episode was a bit much, even for me.  First off, Izzy’s talking to Dead Denny?  She’s going a little off the deep end. The interns decide to practice on themselves, starting off innocently enough with IV’s, moving to suturing and then they put an epidural into one of their own.  But then they decide to do an appendectomy and of course things go to hell in a hand basket quick.  How do they only end up with probation?  And last but certainly not least (and probably the grossest thing ever!), is the C. Diff lady.  Last I checked C. Diff was treated with antibiotics, not a POOP TRANSPLANT.  Eww. If you didn’t see the show, a wife took antibiotics that killed the natural flora of her gut, and so it is decided that to treat her, she needed to get her husband’s poo via NG tube.  Oh, my God.  I personally think if it were me, and that were my option, I’d say “No thanks, uhh, I’ll just die or whatever happens when C. Diff is out of control.  Thanks”.  But that’s just me.


Comments on: "Seriously?" (2)

  1. I saw the preview for Grey’s this past week, and I was actually sort of intrigued. Glad I’m not a fan, though, because it sounds a little out of control.

    Now, perhaps people will jump on board with my line of thinking, abandon Grey’s, and join the Eli Stone crowd so “they” can keep it on air. 🙂

  2. As gross as a poop tranplant sounds, it is a legitimate treatement that has proven very successful when antibioticsc fail. DO a quick gogle search on C.diff treatment ortions. there are a number of doctors performing this.

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