Now with Double the Trouble!


Is it strange for me to say the this pregnancy doesn’t seem real to me yet?  I mean, I have talked about it numerous times here.  I have those 3 cute little widget/tickers on the side of the blog.  I have continuous morning sickness.  I’m so tired it hurts to move.  And yet, it still doesn’t seem real.  Perhaps because of the symptoms that I do have.  It’s pretty much like a very long case of the stomach flu.  Nothing uniquely baby about it.  I’m no where near feeling the baby move, or having a baby bump.  It is very surreal.  To think I have this being inside me that is growing.  It’s a little freaky.  I’ve been very emotional lately.  And I came to realize that I thought that this would never happen. I thought I was going to be childless.  I thought God had given up on me and my husband, and we would be barren.  And I was beginning to accept that.  And now it hurts to think about that.  So.  Though I can’t decide whether I’m hungry or sick, whether to go to the bathroom or get a little more sleep, I am so very blessed.


Comments on: "Blessed" (2)

  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    It took me about 38 weeks, 3 days to REALLY believe that I was going to have a baby. That was the day that he was born, alive, safe, and well.

    I hope it doesn’t take you that long 🙂 because you really deserve to REVEL in this special time.

  2. I’m sure it will sink in sooner or later 🙂 I think sometimes we have a hard time believing in things that seem “too good to be true”!

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