Now with Double the Trouble!


Apparently my timing is off these days.  I had a labor patient the other night who went really fast and I had her start pushing.  She pushed a couple of times and the head descended, but didn’t crown so I told her to wait so I could get the doc from the on-call room down the hall.  Well, she stopped pushing but the head came out anyway.  So, I ended up delivering a baby!  Wasn’t my first delivery, but sheesh!  To deliver a baby when the doc is just down the hall is just plain embarrassing!  Whoops!


Comments on: "Whoops!" (2)

  1. Good job! Do you get reprimanded for doing that? I guess it shows that babies come when they want to.

  2. Laura, you rock!!! I’m sure you did a GREAT job of delivering!!! You are an awesome nurse!!!
    Love, Mike

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