Now with Double the Trouble!


So, I ended up floating at work last night. It’s actually a bit more complicated and devious (on the part of the hospital) than I care to get into, but suffice it to say, I ended up on the medical floor be “officially” oriented to med/surg. It was a long ass night. And for some reason, I was so incredibly emotional last night. I think that sleep deprivation plus hormone whacking drugs produced a volatile situation. I literally cried in my car on the way to work, cried in the med room at work, and almost cried after talking with the supervisor at work. I am so usually not like that. I work again tonite (boo hiss), with the consolation that I shouldn’t have to float, but then again, maybe I will too. It’s a crap shoot. But then I get tomorrow off! Yippee! Unfortunately, the brainchild in the staffing office scheduled me a day shift on Wed, so I’ll be right back again. Oh well. I look forward to tomorrow. I hope you all had a great weekend and hopefully next time I decide to write here, I’ll be a little more chipper!


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  1. Sorry about floating. That sucks.

    Oh — I tagged you. See my blog for details. :o)
    Maybe it will help with the upbeat blog post?

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