Now with Double the Trouble!

Day Shift

So, when I was hired for this job I was told that the shifts would be “days and nights, but primarily nights”.  Which has been true up until this month.  This month, half of my shifts are days.  Ugh.  I’m not a fan.  Too many people, too much administrative BS to put up with.  Today was a day shift.  Actually wasn’t too bad. Had a pt. who was 7 cm at shift change (7 am).  Thought she would be delivered by 11 or noon at the latest.  Uh….no.  2:30 pm.  She just had a lip of cervix that wouldn’t go away.  Took 2 -1/2 hours to get the cervix to finally go away, and then another 2 hours of pushing.  We also thought that the baby would be big.  I was thinking like 8 lbs and some change.  Again, wrong.  9 1/2 pounds.  Large child.  But it was a nice delivery for a primip and only resulted in a first degree tear.  Only issue is that she wanted an intrathecal after her water was broken at 7:30.  The anesthesiologist came in, and I think he had a little prejudice against overweight people. Because he tried, and then just gave up.  She labored for a few more hours until I could convince her to let someone else try.  the CRNA came in and got it right in.  Nice.  Of course I have no proof of said prejudice, just a hunch.  All in all it was a good day.  I work another day shift tomorrow, supposedly.  I say supposedly because we have 3 nurses scheduled, and as of when I left, not enough patients for that many.  Which means I will probably get called off or floated.  And we all know what that means……BOOOOOOO!


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