Now with Double the Trouble!

Meet Zak

This is Zak.  He’s the cat I got second, although he is about 6 months older than Toby.  One night when I was working in the ICU I got to thinking about getting another cat and went online to look at the cats they had.  Zak was on the list.  And he was so cute.  After I had gotten about 2 hours of sleep after my night shift, I went to the shelter and asked to see Zak.  He immediately jumped in my lap and started purring.  He was mine. Interestingly enough, he doesn’t have a tail.  He’s a manx apparently and it’s very cute.  Adds to his personality I think.  Anyway,  I couldn’t take him home right away because he had an abcess on his paw that required antibiotics and hot packing.  But after a couple of days I brought him home.  He’s my cuddle bug.  He loves attention and has the loudest purr of any cat I have ever heard.  There have been many times when he snuggles up to me on my pillow after a night shift and literally purrs me to sleep.  So, that’s Zak.  Isn’t he sweet?


Comments on: "Meet Zak" (2)

  1. So, am I to take it that you’ve become the “crazy cat lady” that you swore you never would be? (I would be too if Kevin would let me get one…or two…or three (-;

  2. I love purring cats. Unfortunately, both hubby and I are allergic.

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