Now with Double the Trouble!

Meet Toby

Meet Toby.  He’s the cat that I’ve had the longest.  He is 8 years old, but prefers to think of himself as a young pup (or kitten, as it were).  I got him when I moved to Rochester for my first nursing job after school.  My family was all far away, and I had one friend down there.  So, after I had been there for about 6 or so weeks and was kind of settled in, I mentioned to some people at work that I was going to go to the local shelter and find a cat.  One of my coworkers ears perked up, and said “You’re looking for a cat?  Meet me at the mall tomorrow at 11”.  So I did.  And came home with teeny tiny Toby.  He was about 6-8 weeks old.  And he had extra toes on all of his paws.  I got him in October, and because I am bad at naming pets, he became Toby.  He’s my big handsome cat.  He likes to crawl under the blankets and cuddle and oddly enough, when I take a bath, he likes to sit on the edge of the tub and drink the water (gross, I know).  So, that’s Toby.  Isn’t he cute?  Also, I think I am now officially addicted to blogging.


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  1. He looks like he owns the place!

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