Now with Double the Trouble!

I’m Feeling Blue

I’m feeling blue today.  I guess that’s not anything new.  I usually get in a funk in September.  Summer’s done.  Winter’s coming.  I don’t usually mind snow, until after Christmas.  Which, if you live in MN, is just the beginning of “snow season”.  Summer was unusually short this year too.  Didn’t really have summer until July, and now it’s coming to a close.  Ugh.  Ho hum.  It’ll pass I’m sure.  This funk usually does.  I just hope it does soon.


Comments on: "I’m Feeling Blue" (2)

  1. That blue thing is the cutest thing I’ve seen in awhile. I’m sorry about the blue. Can you do fun activities outside in the snow or is it just too cold? That’s what’s made me like winter a lot — ski season!

  2. Love ya, Lo. I’m thinking about you and sending warm fuzzy thoughts your way! Rachel

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